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What is the average life expectancy of an IP camera?

By Dave Sweeney, CEO, Advantech Incorporated Analog cameras have had a reputation for standing the test of time, mainly because the technology behind them is relatively simple and has changed little over the years. With only periodic improvements, end users often had little reason to replace them and upgrade to newer cameras. The introduction of […]

How to Manage Active Shooter Incidents in K – 12 Schools: Pairing Technology with Strategy

By Jamie Bumgardner, Prime Communications As technological tools have advanced over the years, schools, retail establishments, government buildings and other venues are increasingly using technology to improve security and save lives. Today’s best practices for school security systems are composed of three main elements: access control, event detection and response – all while feeding into […]

3 Reasons to Adopt Mobile Credentials

By J. Matthew Ladd, The Protection Bureau Over the past four years, the adoption of mobile credentials for access control has increased significantly, and is expected to account for 20% of all credentials by 2020. While it will be some time before mobile credentials replace the tried and true plastic card completely, the industry is […]

Looking to the Future of Access Control

By Eva Mach When we think of access control, the first thing that comes to mind for most is a badge that gives entry to authorized individuals. There is, of course, technology behind it, but compared to the rest of the industry it may seem that access control is lacking as far as innovation and […]

Defining Cloud-based Solutions

By Bill Hogan Cloud-based security solutions have been all the buzz in the industry for the past year, with many video surveillance and access control manufacturers jumping on the bandwagon to introduce their latest cloud-based offering to the market. As the number of products called cloud-based increases, as a security professional have you ever wondered […]

Buyer Beware: Why DIY Camera Systems Are Not Designed for Commercial Applications

By David Alessandrini   The “Do it Yourself” video security systems are all the rage in the residential market, enabling home owners to easily monitor who is coming to the front door, watch when children come home after school or to track package deliveries. While these easy-to-deploy and use surveillance systems have introduced surveillance technology […]

Securing the IT Closet

By Craig Jarrett Silicon Valley was ahead of the curve 15 to 20 years ago when it recognized the importance of securing the IT closet. Today, the rest of the business world is finally catching up, understanding that it is critical to ensure the servers that run a business are just as secure as the […]

Is the Adoption of Facial Recognition Technology on the Rise?

By David Alessandrini Facial recognition technology continues to draw the attention of security professionals who are looking to deploy the latest security solutions that marries video surveillance with high-tech analytical capabilities. Thanks to more manufacturers entering this market and technological advancements, there are multiple solutions from which to choose, the cost has decreased and the […]

How Security Plays a Pivotal Role to Protect Patients in Behavioral Health Facilities

By John Krumme, CPP Security in healthcare settings is not a new concept. Many hospitals today boast a robust security system that includes hundreds of surveillance cameras and an access control system to monitor activity and ensure that only authorized individuals gain access to sensitive areas. However, sometimes authorized individuals can pose the greatest threat. […]