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Low Cost to High Cost IP Cameras – Getting the Most Out of Your IP Cameras

by Steve Morefield The sheer number and different types of surveillance cameras available on the market today can be overwhelming, even to the most seasoned security industry professional. That’s why it’s important to understand the difference between the different cameras, their capabilities and benefits they provide. One way to look at IP cameras is to […]

Hosted Visitor Management – Low Cost Security Alternative

By Joshua Cummings, VTI Security Just as a homeowner wants to know who is coming into their home, private businesses also want to be able to track visitors and outside vendors.They want to know who is coming into the corporate office, when the person arrived, and where that person specifically went. Recent security concerns have […]

Leveraging Technology to Prevent Internal Shrink

By Steve Morefield Retailers lose billions of dollars every year—$44 billion in 2014, in fact—to various forms of inventory shrink. Employee/internal theft accounted for 34.5 percent of the loss, according to the 2015 National Retail Security Survey, just a bit behind shoplifting, which logged in at 38 percent. Internal theft is probably the most difficult […]

Protecting Public Spaces: Video Surveillance Everywhere

By Bill Hogan Security for outdoor spaces is nothing new – the feasibility of wireless and solar applications now means that our outdoor parking lots, parks and other public spaces can be fully monitored regardless of their specific location or access to a fiber network. Now, more and more municipalities want to enhance and provide […]

Cyber Security: Smart Switches Provide Greater Protection

By Stephen Smith and Ron Allen, D/A Central, Inc. The days of allowing a network to operate in an open environment are over. Increased cyber security threats now means that companies have to lock down and monitor their ports, while simultaneously monitoring traffic on their network. Today, businesses have two perimeters to protect: the physical […]

Facial Recognition: Facing the Future

By Dan Krumme Seeing a face and knowing a face are very different things in the security world. Improvements in high-resolution cameras has made it possible for surveillance video to show faces quite clearly, which is a boon to law enforcement and security personnel who can see suspects and disseminate photos that are identifiable for […]

Security Integrators, Customers Need to Team Up for Better Cyber Security

By Eric Kantner Security integrators and their clients are constantly sharing information, as most integrators today have remote access to their customers’ systems so they can provide necessary maintenance and updates. Because of this inter-related nature of doing business, it’s imperative that both parties be on guard against cyber security breaches since a threat to […]

Remote security goes wherever it’s needed

By Bill Romano Threats can happen anywhere, even in those areas where roads and power lines are scarce. Construction sites, mining operations and other areas where power is non-existent or spotty at best are still targets for thieves and saboteurs. In those instances, integrators and their clients are looking to deploy security measures that can […]

Free Yourself of Data Clutter – Consider the Cloud

by Joseph Liguori Don’t we all wish we had more room? Anyone who has moved knows the frustration of having to sort through years of clutter and then make the decision about what to do with it — keep it, sell it, put it in storage? In the physical security world, managing data is a […]

Physical security plays key role in the fight against drug diversion

By Sam Auciello, Pasek Corp. Drug diversion — the theft and use of drugs intended for patients by staff, visitors and others — has become a real issue for healthcare institutions, especially as the problem with prescription drug abuse rises. It’s a multi-billion dollar problem, with drugs such as methadone, oxycodone, fentanyl and propofol among […]