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Surveillance, Access Control – There’s an App for That

By Matthew Ladd An app may not be the deciding factor when a customer purchases new security technology, but having a mobile application associated with it that can be tapped into anytime, anywhere certainly doesn’t hurt. What has become common in everyday life is now ubiquitous in the security realm as well. With a smartphone […]

Retail Security: Benefiting from Advancements in Analytics and IP Cameras

By Chris Wetzel Whether it is through employee theft or shoplifting, unexplained inventory loss is a major concern among retailers and one of the key reasons in-store surveillance is a priority. Fortunately, advancements in IP camera technology and analytics are able to address the unique concerns of retailers in the battle against shrinkage along with […]

Internet of Things: What IoT Means to Security Professionals

By Bill Hogan The value of connectivity is what’s driving the Internet of Things (IoT) — that concept of gathering actionable information via recognizable devices that reside on an Internet-based network. The physical security industry has operated in this fashion long before the IoT became the latest buzz phrase. Sensors that detected motion in a […]

Say Yes to Access Control: Affordable Options Have Become a Reality

By Bill Hogan Access control is now affordable even for your smallest locations. Whether you are running a small business office, doctors office, coffee shop or retail store, it’s important to ensure that you protect staff and assets. While for some this may mean simply locking the front door at night with a key, the […]

Logical and Physical Access Control: The case for dual-factor authentication

By Dave Sweeney With a password on each computer and a card-based access control system on the door, many businesses feel they have their bases covered when it comes to both logical and physical security. The password for the logical access control system, which provides authorization into a computer system, they’ll argue, prevents just anyone […]

Protecting Places of Worship: Security for Churches & Synagogues

By John Krumme, CPP Today we hear talk about protecting the places where our children go to school, the places where we work, and the places we visit for entertainment, whether it’s a sports stadium or a movie theater. But what about protecting the places that we attend for worship? Churches, synagogues, temples and mosques […]

4K Video Cameras: Security’s Next Big Thing?

By John Krumme, CPP Whether you are a bleeding edge, leading edge or a wait-and-see kind of person, one of last year’s hot new technologies — the 4K security camera — is moving beyond the buzz and into the realm of applications to seriously consider. Already a fixture in the consumer electronics market, 4K makes […]

Security Essentials: Investing in the future

By Jim Coleman Most people may readily admit that in their adolescence school was not a high priority. Many may even say they could not wait to graduate from high school, or even college, with the idea they would never have to step foot into another classroom again. But as we get older, and become […]

Mobile Credentials: Access in a New Age

By J. Matthew Ladd For the majority of individuals, the mobile phone is the go-to accessory. Along with car keys and nowadays, a Fitbit or some other activity tracker, a smartphone is the one thing people can’t be without. It has already replaced the watch and the camera and is rapidly taking over for credit […]

Managing Your Access Control System: Insource or Outsource?

By Bill Hogan Insource or Outsource? It is a question we ask about all areas of our lives from home landscaping to IT infrastructure at your business. Sometimes, we all need a little bit of help to not just get the job done, but to get it done properly. Often, these decisions are about jobs […]