Surveillance, Access Control – There’s an App for That

By Matthew Ladd

An app may not be the deciding factor when a customer purchases new security technology, but having a mobile application associated with it that can be tapped into anytime, anywhere certainly doesn’t hurt.

What has become common in everyday life is now ubiquitous in the security realm as well. With a smartphone or tablet always in hand, it stands to reason that practical mobile applications would be developed that go hand-in-hand with security systems.

Today there are apps that allow for remote access to cameras, life safety and access control systems, providing the ability to view incidents, lock and unlock doors and much more.

Mobile applications bring a new level of efficiency to necessary tasks, such as allowing you to use your phone to take a photo, enroll a person and then create an access control badge, rather than having someone go to a particular office to undergo the process.

And apps can prove critical in breaking situations like the evacuation of a building. Using a mobile app in conjunction with RFID badging, it’s now possible to access a checklist of employees or students and determine who has exited the building and to which muster point they’ve gone.

So it’s easy to see that apps have become a true benefit for security, and that the level of sophistication and robustness continues to rise.

But as with any technology residing on a mobile device, cybersecurity is always a concern. Although measures are in place to safeguard the information accessible via apps from hackers, whenever there is connectivity outside of a controlled environment, like on a smartphone or tablet away from the office, it’s important to make sure there are added layers of authentication so not just anyone can access and control an app.

And it’s also important to note that apps work best when you are fully aware of their capabilities. Your integrator is the go-to person for advice and information on how to make the most of the applications associated with your security system and software. If you know how to use them correctly, apps can do anything that previously kept you tied to a console.

By working with your integrator, you can ensure that the burgeoning assortment of mobile apps are just what you need to conduct video tours, provide remote access to a building or to oversee events as they happen.